News just in the world is flat again. Learning a foreign language conjures up very negative images for many.  In the days when Latin and Greek were the main stays of academia the most grueling part was acquiring the grammar.  In many English films, the school master could be seen with his “domineering” ruler standing over the little boy waiting to give him a tap on the fingers for saying or using the grammar incorrectly.  Ah the good old days!

In the 80’s and 90’s the methods of teaching a foreign language still focused heavily on grammar as many believed that this was the only way to learn.  Thank goodness for modern thinking.  Language teachers recognize worldwide that although grammar is necessary, it should not take the forefront of learning a new language.  Now they mask the grammar very creatively in the lessons.  Students are now allowed to have fun, yes fun while learning!  Ofcourse technology has made it even easier for teachers and students alike with the myriad of language applications on the market.  One such app is the Spanish verb chart app.  It is an easy way to get your verbs conjugated on the go.  For clarity, while these apps make life a little easier one must always make sure that the information presented is correct.  Let us use an analogy to make the case.  There once was a phone manufacturer that decided to create its own map app for its newest version of phone.  The company quickly removed one that was tried and tested from its servers and substituted its own.  The result was a disaster, roads were created where there were none before and streets and well documented locations were incorrectly mapped.  The company eventually reverted to the tried and tested version. Another example “tomar” and “coger” mean very different things across the Spanish diaspora the best language app to use will be one that advises you to this fact.  Don’t substitute the tried and tested version,a teacher, with technology.  Use apps responsibly and with someone who knows what they are talking about!

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