Employers normally require that you have some experience in the area that you are applying for.  If you are interested in jump-starting your career we can help you gain that experience.

Professional Development 

HTP (Hotel Training Programme) Jamaica

Registered candidates/graduates

checkbox-303113_960_720  Candidates already registered and accepted into one of our training programs or who have completed one of our certificate programs will get free placement services.

Non-registered candidates

checkbox-303113_960_720  If you did not complete one of our training programs but you would like to participate in the Hospitality Training Program (work experience) you will require:

  • T.P.D.C.O certification, level 2 certification in restaurant service/housekeeping and you must be at least 18 years old.
  • The training covers, team Jamaica certification
  • If you already have T.P.D.C.O certification the cost is reduced.  Please note that the H.T.P program is for 6-8 weeks and is seasonal (November to June).