Employers normally require that you have some experience in the area that you are applying for.  If you are interested in jump-starting your career we can help you gain that experience.

Professional Development 

Mentorship Programme 

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Conversational Spanish/French for Hotels

checkbox-303113_960_720 This training provides basic communication skills to help you navigate your way in the work environment.  The focus is less on information and more on a conversation.

BOP Training coming soon

Restaurant & Housekeeping Supervisor Certification

Earn a HEART certified credential in Restaurant/ Housekeeping Supervisory Management. This is an internationally recognized certificate program within the English-speaking Commonwealth, including Canada.


In this program, you will gain the knowledge and skills to prepare you for positions such as:

checkbox-303113_960_720  Restaurant supervisor  checkbox-303113_960_720  Assistant restaurant manager  checkbox-303113_960_720  Maitre’D checkbox-303113_960_720  F&B trainer

checkbox-303113_960_720  Housekeeping Supervisor checkbox-303113_960_720  Quality inspector checkbox-303113_960_720 Housekeeping zone coordinator.

You will earn
Salaries vary from organisation to organisation. However your earning potential increases with experience and continuous improvement through training. The program prepares you for entry and supervisory levels. Therefore you can earn anywhere from J$970,000-J$1m per year (based on average hotel salary range in 2015-2016).

You will learn
The Program Graduate Competencies listed below identify the major learning goals related to your specific program of study and identify the knowledge and skills you will have. These are subject to change at any time as the market dictates.

checkbox-303113_960_720 The food service curriculum checkbox-303113_960_720 Work readiness curriculum checkbox-303113_960_720 Restaurant concept

checkbox-303113_960_720 Restaurant layout checkbox-303113_960_720 Menu knowledge checkbox-303113_960_720 Conversational Spanish checkbox-303113_960_720 Laundry

operations checkbox-303113_960_720 Linen control checkbox-303113_960_720 budget checkbox-303113_960_720 Quality standards control

HTP (Hotel Training Programme)

Registered candidates/graduates

checkbox-303113_960_720  Candidates already registered and accepted into one of our training programs or who have completed one of our certificate programs will get free placement services.

Non-registered candidates

checkbox-303113_960_720  If you did not complete one of our training programs but you would like to participate in the Hospitality Training Program (work experience) you will require:

  • T.P.D.C.O certification, level 2 certification in restaurant service/housekeeping and you must be at least 18 years old.
  • The training covers, team Jamaica certification
  • If you already have T.P.D.C.O certification the cost is reduced.  Please note that the H.T.P program is for 6-8 weeks and is seasonal (November to June).