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What is our Mentorship Program?

We recognize that to grow our economy in Jamaica, we need well-balanced minds with a spirit to serve and help others.  The philosophy that M.T.H adopts is in our mission statement:

Through collaboration, innovative and creative delivery of content, reshape the service landscape by producing well-groomed, polite and highly skilled candidates who will be our brand ambassadors.” That collaboration that we speak about relates to a community approach to development. Albert Einstein is quoted to have said ” Insanity is doing the same things every time and expecting different results” Education is not only about academics.  Therefore in our effort to produce “well-groomed, polite and highly skilled individuals” we reach out to corporate entities and ask them to help mentor our graduates.  For 12 weeks we pair professionals with our trainees and allow them to see what it means to succeed and what it takes to be responsible adults. The aim of our program is build knowledge, foster learning, and connect with people.

How it works

The Mentor arranges for the student to attend executive meetings and provides opportunities for participation in community service projects or other voluntary activities. Opportunities are also provided for students to attend a company-sponsored social event and on other occasions to meet professionals working in areas related to the student’s career goals.We also invite our mentors to participate in our summer job program which provides value and helps our trainees to practice the social skills taught. For reference on what mentoring is all about please visit Mentorship guide.  Mentorship does not work for everyone, to this end  our goal is to groom the next generation of leaders.  Therefore the best and brightest in our school will have the opportunity to participate. Contact Us