Temp Staffing Service

We seek to provide quality employees on short-term contracts (3 months/90 days) in restaurant, housekeeping, front office and landscaping. Contact us for details.

Our value-added services are designed to help service organizations ensure that they attain enduring value from training, whether through helping them to select the ideal candidate, or ensuring that the work environment can support the high-end training that we deliver.  These services include:

checkbox-303113_960_720 Recruitment

checkbox-303113_960_720 Summer job program

checkbox-303113_960_720 Coaching services

checkbox-303113_960_720  Pre-screening services

checkbox-303113_960_720  Assessment

checkbox-303113_960_720  Competency assessments

checkbox-303113_960_720  Outsourcing (temp)

checkbox-303113_960_720  Resume review

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